Baker skateboards are a combination of fun and exciting products that have been designed to meet all of your skateboarding needs. It has all the essentials from street skating to riding the rails of the halfpipe. Baker skateboards have been renowned as they have uniquely designed boards with quality parts.

They have prided themselves by joining forces with the artists that are highly skilled to design their decks with complete precision, which ensures that these boards are sold at a higher than the average cost.

This brand has been known for allowing its users to do the tricks similar to Reynolds. They cannot be snapped quickly. It has been established with excellent pop and can weather any storm.

Baker stake boards have a variety of ranges and designs to select from their online shop. Such a variety of models, it will come down to your preference, because it also allows you to customize your skateboard according to your individual needs.

Top Products of Baker skateboards

The following are the few recent collections of Baker Skateboards.

  • Spanky
  • Amour
  • Slumber
  • Color change
  • Continuum
  • Christian Rosa

Baker skateboards are average-priced, due to the quality that they have offered. Some of their collections are less priced. Some of their boards come with black grip tape, so they are rated according to that. If you order your skateboard online and you are a resident of the United States, then no shipping fee will be charged as shipping across the United States is free.

Their convenience and variety of range make it a prior choice for skateboarders. That’s why they have been renowned worldwide and are recognized by the top skaters. These boards are speedy and are designed with customizable shapes and designs. This option appeals to users of all ages and groups.

Baker Skateboards have been reviewed with four stars overall in the online market. They are generally criticized because of their high prices and the fact that they require assembling.

Amazon has a complete range of Baker Skateboards. The expense is usually put up on the higher end for skateboarders use. Most of the collections are not easily sold out at Amazon. If you want to customize your skateboards, then you should buy it directly from their website.

Music videos have defined Baker as an art; that’s why skateboards are an essential part of Baker. This dysfunctional group has lived up to the mark of skated, and boundaries of fashion and music that defines the era of ’90s. Delinquent access and self-destruction were an essential part and the true spirit of Baker which is still alive.

Founded in 1990 by an ex-Birdhouse pro and one living legend was also a part of it, Andrew Reynolds. Baker skateboards have a long time being the choice of the most progressive street skaters in the world.

Baker skateboard has come into sponsorship, without any surprise with the Riley Hawk. He quickly signed up for their raster. After joining Baker, Riley has proved more of himself, and he is working as a partner with this brand.

Riley Hawk “halftone” pro comes in at a slim 7.75″ width. This feature makes it perfect for smaller skaters, those who are looking for a deck full of technical skating. It has a fully dipped whiteboard that is covered with complete white edges. It contains a halftone, contains a graphic that recalls the punk aesthetic. This feature creates an inspired look for this brand that you will ever find.  Consequently, it has been a no-brainer for street skating Baker Skateboards fans.

This deck also comes along with a steeper that has an average concave which makes this board something with a much better feel and control for technical heads amongst you.

Since 2014, Riley Hawk has been on a mission that contains racking up numerous ads for its sponsors. Whereas in the UK, Sheffield based slugger distribution, which has been cooperated by the owner of the brand, is responsible for the distribution of Baker skateboards.

Baker Skateboards Pros and Cons?

Yes. Like other brands, Baker Skateboards also bear the cons as well as pros. Though many of you wouldn’t like to know the cons of their favorite skateboard, that’s true. But you know, Knowing is better 😉


  • Established brand
  • Has been designed with cutting edge technology
  • Environment-friendly construction


  • Simple designs with less variety of colors.
  • Users’ complained about the instability of the truck.

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