As any skateboarder knows that there’s not much fun of an electric skateboard if the battery power has gone off. While an electric skateboard offers so much fun, there are also cruising benefits of it. Some electric skateboards with good battery power can assist you to cover a distance from your home to the office, or a park and wherever you want to go. But what if the battery life has ended and you’re on the verge of disappointment? Don’t worry. That is why we are giving you an overview of the best batteries for electric skateboards here.

Whether you are tired of old batteries for getting worn off again and again, or the shortage of time-limit having fun and cruising that it provides, we are here to help you in choosing batteries for electric skateboards or electric bikes and scooters that are effective and long-lasting. Just stay with us 😊

Our Top Pick from batteries for Electric Skateboards

L-faster 36V Lithium Batteries for Electric Skateboards
Why we recommend it:

  • Suitable for electric bikes and scooters along with skateboards
  • Exceptional performance and stability
  • Comes with a charger
  • 4.8 out of 5-star ratings

1. L-faster 36V Lithium batteries for Electric Skateboards

L-faster presents its battery for electric skateboards, scooters, and bikes. These are good performance batteries that are easy to install. These batteries are available in two Amp-hours.

5Ah batteries:

These 36v 5Ah batteries are high-capacity. They require 2.5 hours to get fully charged and provide a maximum of 15A discharge current. They are assembled as 10 in series and 2 parallel. The total weight is 1.1 kg.

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12Ah batteries:

If you want more power and long timing on your tour, then you might want to go with 12Ah battery power. They need 6 long hours to get charged but once they’re charged, you are free to commute for a long time. These batteries weigh 2.6 kg and can provide 15A max discharge current. They are assembled as 10 in series and 5 parallel.

Both these battery types come with a charger.

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The batteries work awesome. All the customers were satisfied with their performance. The connector is XT-60.

However, it does not come with a monitor to check on its charging status.

2. Ride1UP 36V 7.5Ah SAMSUNG Battery for Electric Skateboard

This one is a Lithium 36V 18650 SAMSUNG battery which is designed to maximize the speed of electric skateboards. It provides up to 20 miles to your standard board.

The battery allows a maximum of 30 amps discharging current. Moreover, the battery connector is XT-60 and uses a standard charger port.

It comes with an ultra-compact enclosure with a 30-cell pack. This battery is perfect for upgrading older e-skateboards such as Meepo, WowGo, Blitzart Huracane, Blitzart Tornado, Acton, Riptide, Ownboard, and many more. So if you’ve stopped, let’s restart 😉


The battery itself is very compatible with electric skateboards and boosted boards. It’s very easy to install and very secure. It can provide up to max 90 amps peak discharging current.

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3. Maxfind LG Li-Ion Battery for Max A, b, C Electric Skateboards

Maxfind LG Li-Ion battery for Maxfinf electric skateboard provides 2.2Ah

This battery is well suited with Maxfind electric skateboards. The Lithium-Ion batteries are the perfect batteries for skateboards and scooters and bikes. This battery is 36V LG battery which is 2.2Ah, powerful, and replaceable. Fit for Maxfind electric skateboards with replaceable batteries.


The battery is overall a good one, it works great but may not last long.

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4. Alician Xiaomi Mijia M365 battery

Alician Xiaomi Mijia M365 batteries for original Xiaomi scooter (with communication), provides 7.8Ah and multi-protection functions

Xiaomi battery is made with wear-resistant material. So, be confident while installing and wearing this battery, it won’t be damaged easily.

The battery charging time is about 4.5 to 5 hours. It provides a 7.8Ah power supply. Its intelligent Battery Management System gives protection under temperature instability, double overcharge, and over-discharge and under-voltage automatic sleep.


Xiaomi batteries for scooters are a great choice to make. However, this battery is only for original Xiaomi cars. This makes its application much limited.

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5. Galapara 36v Lithium battery for Smart foldable Scooters

This battery provides 7.8ah capacity with which you can cover a smart distance of 18.6 miles. It comes with multi-protecting functions that cover the abnormalities like over current, low-voltage auto-sleep, double overcharge, double over-discharge, short circuit, and electric leakage.

The package is 1.6 kg heavy and the battery takes 5 hours to charge. This lithium battery is replaceable, rechargeable, and is fit for the electric scooters other than the original Xiaomi M365.


This product is excellent for smart electric scooters. It provides 15-20A output current with a max distance of 20 miles. It has a one-year warranty.

But you cannot use this battery in the original Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.

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Above all the Batteries for electric skateboards and electric bikes and scooters are good in their respective functions. All you need to do is to make your mind clear that which one is the best fit for your ride. In conclusion, we suggest that L-faster batteries will be great for any kind of electric joyride.

Happy Skating 🙂