Are you the one who likes to travel on a fine folding e bike and looking for a best version of it? Then, you’re in the right place. We have gathered the information for the best folding e bikes that you will definitely like to try. Make sure to check out our article about how to choose an electric bike to help you know what you’re after.

Electric bikes have been in use for decades after realizing that the excessive use of vehicles consuming gas and petroleum has caused a big hole in the healthy environment factor, and also a lack of these resources eventually. Since the 1890’s, they have been used for various experiments and patents. And now, they have become a crucial part of the healthy environment in many countries.

Many commuters use folding bikes just to add more facilities in their daily commute plans. You can easily load up and down your folding e bike on trains and buses if you want to go to a place to ride your bike freely, like some picnic park or an adventure in the mountains. A good folding e bike with good features will help you win these milestones.

Small and lightweight folding e bikes can be kept inside your house if you want for any reason. They are easy to ride even for children from ages 2 to 10. Of course, there are different sizes. Also, the folding e bikes manufacturers target the leisure market seriously. But still, one doesn’t need to fold their bike multiple times a week. A lightweight, portable, and comfortable ride on an e bike along with a catchy price tag are some keen factors that show you have made a good choice in folding e bikes.

Top 3 of the Best Folding E Bikes

Many brands offer premier folding e bikes that are an updated version of just a simple electric bike in the past. Of course, you can fold your electric bike through hinges and/or pivots that are typically manufactured to provide you an easy and quick folding experience during your travels. Following is a chart to have a glance at the top 3 choices from the best folding e bikes in the market.

Battery36V removable waterproof Lithium battery36V LG Lithium batterySanyang 48V Lithium battery dismountable with a key lock
MotorBrushless 300WGeared hub 250WBrushless 500W
Max. Speed25-30 MPH15.5 MPH28 MPH
Range22-28 miles35 miles36 miles
Rating4.1 out of 54.6 out of 54.2 out of 5

Let’s dive into the details and features that these e bikes contain.

  1. NAKTO Cargo 26” E-Bicycle

The first on our best electric bikes is definitely Nakto Cargo electric bike. Though it’s not foldable in the first place, you can make this feature possible by not attaching the bottom rear bolt to the u-bracket. This product is manufactured by keeping in mind the comfort and budget of the buyer. Nakto electric bike is super comfortable, stylish, budget-friendly, and a durable e bike. You may think it’s a woman e bike by looking at its size and style but, you must update yourself that this is 2020 and every good product is consumed by every other person regardless of male or female. Even this bike is 26” and performs an outstanding job on the road despite the gender classism.

NAKTO electric cargo bike

Build material

Let’s talk about its built first. Nakto e bike is made with high-quality Carbon Steel and equipped with high-strength shock absorption to compress sudden shocks. This bike is made in Dutch style and shows a beautiful luxury decent ride when taken on the light trails. Even if you’re running it on steep hills, it will support you because Nakto electric cargo bike uses Shimano cycling components.

One thing that’s not much admired is that the cargo basket at the front is not the actual woven rattan basket as it looks. It’s just the plastic imitation that’s made with polypropylene. Well, that’s also okay because it still looks pretty and fulfills the 95% of the purpose.

Brake System

It supports a high-quality brake system and gear shifting system. It’s powerful enough to ride wildly on hills as it will always protect you with its 6-speed transmission system along with front V brakes and rear expansion brakes.

Battery and Motor

Together with a powerful braking system, this e bike comes with 36 Volt, 10 AH removable Lithium battery that will help you cover a smart distance of 22 to 28 miles per charge.

As you know, the more powerful motor, the more speed you achieve. This e bike has powerful brushless 250W gear motors that make you achieve a speed of 18-25 miles per hour.  Though they’ve mentioned that its power is 250W,, it actually feels more than this power when you’re riding your bike.

Working modes and Warranty

The bike’s attractive LED headlight supports the pleasing commute at night. The 2 working modes allow you to enjoy a longer period of ride. The E-bike mode and the Assisting bicycle mode, combined together make a long enjoyable ride possible.

Last but not least, Nakto provides a 1-year warranty of e bike and battery to its valuable customers.

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  1. WHIRLWIND C4 Electric Folding Bike

The number two is another amazing, budget-friendly e bike that WHIRLWIND offer. If you’re a person who loves to commute on leisure days or someone who works in a populated and congested place, this will be the best folding e bike for you. C4 E-bike is environment-friendly, budget-friendly, and easy-to-assemble electric bike that is loved by all.

WHIRLWIND C4 folding e bike

Build material

The quality of this bike’s build material is second to no one. It’s stoutly-built using high-quality materials by the team of professionals in the UK. The most attractive thing is that they deliver this product to you after setting up the wheels and other stuff. And it’s ready-to-ride the minute you unpack it. It is simply to ease up your life.

Brake System

This e bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes to provide you amazing friction. The brakes are sufficient enough to provide a shield from bumps and rough jumps.

Battery and Motor

WHIRLWIND C4 e-bike comes with a 36V LG Lithium-Ion battery that can be charged in about 3 to 4 hours. It can endure a total distance of 35 miles on a full charge. Though it may not be enough for some users, still it’s a good hit under this price.

250W geared powerful hub motors provide a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH. There are three gear options to acquire the desired speed on certain terrain. If you’re climbing a steep, then you should put your bike on 3rd gear. Otherwise, you should be good without adding any gear to your bike on a normal commute.

On the cons part, this bike is not good enough for steeper hills or streets as it provides only 15 degrees of climb. Also, this bike may be small for taller people (6 feet and higher).

The Capacity

The bike is good enough to bear a weight of 110 kg while being as lightweight as 16 kg itself. Being lightweight, it’s easy to carry and travel through different traveling mediums. Really easy to fold and unfold. Its 14-inch tires together with shockproof disc brakes make your ride a wonderful experience.

Working modes and Display

The bike works really smooth with the paddle assist. You don’t need to do anything except for changing the gear according to your need. It will automatically assist you in boosting speed and ride more smoothly. It has an LED front light to help you ride in the dark, and an LCD display to show you the speed, covered distance, gear-level, and the remaining battery.

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  1. eelo 1885 PRO Folding E Bike

Third one is everyone’s favorite, eelo pro electric bike. The updated, long-lasting battery and the super-foldable feature are the best properties of the newest version of eelo bike. This e-bike is the Queen of Compactness. You can easily store it by keeping it under your working desk, or even inside a carry bag when idle. This is a quicker, smarter, and most stylish e-bike with a lot of power and battery time. You’ll love to add it to your e-bike gallery.

eelo Pro folding E bike

Build Material

eelo electric bikes are made with high-quality Aluminium to provide a strong grip and build. It is normal to be pricey because of the abilities and features this e-bike comes with. Along with that, this bike is super compact and powerful to ride to hills and rough terrains smoothly. While being such high-build, this e-bike is incredibly lightweight, only 16.5 kg. This adds to its amazing storing system.

Brake System

For the brakes, eelo e-bike comes with disc brakes to provide exceptional control over your ride. They are capable of reducing the braking distance of the bike at a safety level. You can enjoy fast rides while having a powerful backup from the brakes.

Battery and Motor

The main attractive figure of this updated version of eelo e- bike is the LG Lithium-Ion battery. The eelo developers have been working hard and long to develop a long-lasting powerful battery by teaming up with LG manufacturers. The battery, however, takes 4 to 6 hours charging time to show its full power. But it’s understandable as you can cover a long distance of 40 miles with a single charge. The battery is fitted on the central part of the top tube which is the best place for it to be safe and easy to charge.

This powerful battery is equipped with all essential mechanism that protects the battery from over-charge and over-flow of current. That’s why it considered the best bike with LG battery by far.

As for the motor, it’s equipped with 250W brushless motor that helps you ride over rough terrains with comfort. It has an intelligent controller that makes your riding experience much responsive and enjoyable. The Thumb Throttle control enables you to gain assistance from your battery when you want to go up hills. You still can climb hills with powered-only mode but, this controller will assist you to gain more power. It will provide you 15 MPH speed straight.

Working Modes and Display

The powerful Thumb Throttle Controller assists you to change gears and achieve the maximum speed. You can control how much assistance you want from the battery from a little to completely relying on the battery. You can even add more power by paddling to your comfort.

The LCD display helps you keep a note on your battery life, your speed, covered distance, and more. The beautiful LED lights will help you ride the bicycle even it’s dark. This will be the best folding e-bike for anyone who loves to ride on casual moods and to working places.

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  1. MARTES Electric Folding Bike

Now we present the best folding e bike with fat tires and a lot of credibilities, MARTES e-bike. This bike is specially made for long travels with unlimited safety and comfortable equipment. You can ride this bike on streets to mountains and it will not disappoint you. Let’s look at the features of this devil e-bike.

MARTES 500W electric folding bike

Build Material

The frame of this e bike is made of Aluminum and is highly competitive with other e bike build material. It provides safety as well as a carefree enjoyable ride. Whether you’re a normal commuter or an enthusiast who likes to go off-road, this bike is best for all. Its comfortable ergonomic seat helps you continue long travels. Furthermore, the battery is located at the bottom of the seat and is protected with a lock. So, you don’t have to be anxious about stealing, in case. It’s durable, comfortable, powerful, and brings a lot of fun.

Brake System

The MARTES folding electric bike comes with front and rear dual disc brakes that provide sudden brake without falling. The 4-inches fat tires combined with heavy-duty rims and rear cassettes are the best features in its braking system. The fat tires are shock-proof and puncture-proof. You can have whatever you want from this bike. Take it to tough terrains or mountains, it will not deceive you.

Battery and Motor

The reason MARTES e bike is pricier than the previous ones is the equipment and features MARTES have put in it. Once you buy this devil, you’ll realize that you were right about your choice. Sanyang 48V Lithium battery is mounted inside this devil that stays protected beneath the cushioned saddle with a safety lock. This is because the battery is detachable and can be charged within 4 to 6 hours.

While you’re off-road with your e bike, don’t forget to take your pump with you to avoid any unpleasant situation with your tires. Of course, everything needs a backup when exhausted. This battery provides you a safe range of 45 km.

The e bike owns a powerful brushless 500W motors. This motor along with 60Nm of torque gains a lot of speed. You can reach a maximum speed of 27 MPH that, of course, can vary according to your weight. But still, this e bike can tackle all your travel problems. Because this e-bike has a throttle system with 7 different speed gears to help you reach the maximum speed as you please.

The Capacity

This bike is an amazing weight-holder. Yes, it can carry a weight of 150 kg easily without any complaint. So, a person with this weight and anyone with 5’2” to 6’3” height can ride this e bike comfortably.

Working Modes and Display

This e bike, as mentioned before, works smartly with dual disc brakes along with 7-speed Shimano transmission gears. The shock-absorbing front fork and puncture-proof 12” x 4” tires help you ride on tough and steep terrains. Your height or weight is not a problem for this powerful bike. The front and rear disc brakes enable sudden speed reduction. Your bike also provides you with a phone holder, horn, and long-distance, cushion seat. The CST tires are capable of 5psi to 30psi and bump absorption.

The batteries are equipped with the over-charging prevention technology that makes you tension-free. Also, MARTES e bike is equipped with LCD display for speed checking, battery charging, etc. You can ride at night with the help of a bright headlight on this bike.

Service and Warranty

For the delivery of this e bike, you’ll have to wait for 2-5 working days as they will deliver this product from the Netherlands. However, it is really easy to own this bike because you can have its parts anywhere and can repair it from any fine workshop near you, just in case.

They provide quality work and a durable electric bike. Above all, they are willing to provide a warranty of 1 year if any defect in manufacturing has occurred. What else good should we get?

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  1. LANKELEISI G650 Folding E Bike

Last but not least, we have added an amazing folding e bike for you in our list, LANKELEISI G650. Small size, but a big package. Though it might be pricey for some buyers, you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong. This electric bike is one in millions. Fairly priced with a lot of quality features. Let’s dive in.

LANKELEISI G650 electric folding bike

Build Material

This bike is made of high-quality Aluminum Alloy, especially the front fork is exceptional. The top-quality equipment used in this electric bike makes it one of the best folding e bikes. The rear derailleur, freewheel, and shifting lever are Shimano-made while the cranksets are Prowheel Aluminum. All the cables connected together in this electric bike are waterproof that makes this bike more interesting. You can travel a long distance through mud and snow, dry and wet terrains being peaceful-minded. The fat tires made with Magnesium Alloy together with unbreakable chains are perfect for your commuting cravings.

Brake System

The brake system of LANKELEISI is as interesting as its other equips. There’s a high-quality ZOOM mechanical dual disc brake system that supports the power cut off while braking. It helps to reduce the braking distance within seconds. Shimano derailleur together with front and rear disc brakes make the sudden braking possible while keeping the rider safe.

Battery and Motor

Battery made for this e-bike is a powerful Lithium 14.5Ah battery. This 48V battery is detachable but you can also charge it on the bicycle. It takes 5 to 8 hours to get fully charged. Once it’s completely charged, you can travel around 70-150 km depending on the riding modes.

The motor fixed in LANKELEISI e-bike 48V 400W brushless motor that is also waterproof. This powerful motor can achieve a maximum speed of 38 km per hour depending on the different speed modes.

The Capacity

This electric bike is amazingly lightweight, only 24 kg. It’s very easy to fold and really portable. It can carry a weight of 120 kg without complaint. People of heights from 5’4” to 6’1” can easily ride this bike. So, they’ll have a pleasant experience. The ergonomic saddle is really comfortable and is specially made to support long-distance travel.

Working modes and Display

LANKELEISI electric folding bike is one of a kind. It comes with 3 riding modes:

  1. Manual Labor Mode in which you will use only pedals, no electric assistance.
  2. Pedal Assist Mode in which you can take assistance from the battery while peddling. It has 5 pedal assist sensors that will help you cover a max distance of 110-150 km.
  3. Fully Electric Mode in which you can take full assistance from the battery while being at ease completely. It will cover a distance of 70-85 km.

Also, this e bike has an LCD display to show the odometer, battery charging, and speed, etc. The headlight is so bright to turn your night into a day. You can enjoy your ride late at night if you’re a person to enjoy your alone time. These are such features to make your bike a convenient one.

Warranty and Support

LANKELEISI provides a reasonable warranty package for its customers. You can get a 3-year warranty on the frame and fork. A 12-month warranty is provided for the battery, controller, charger, and rims. And a satisfactory 6-month warranty is given on the tires, pedals, and other stuff.

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