In a sea of devices, it seems impossible to find the best match for your microphone needs but worry no more. Movo Professional Lavalier has got all your microphone needs covered. Be it Vlogging, filming, interviews, podcasts, or anything that requires a microphone or two, this smart technology is a solution to all.

Movo Professional Lavalier Microphone Specs

From being portable, handy, and convenient to lightweight and cheap, nothing is left behind. It’s no exaggeration if we call this mic a device that fits all well. Whether it’s Android or Apple, Laptops or Ipad, you can connect it to anything anywhere.

It is a lapel clip microphone that allows you to record hands-free with an omnidirectional microphone. This feature allows it to receive equal sound from all directions for a natural quality of voice, which sounds balanced and hassle-free. It works great with a normal voice while recording and you don’t have to be loud.

You don’t need to charge it, it is a direct-connect and comes with a one-year warranty. So, you are tension-free in case of any technical issues. The best part is that the package comes with a free additional Mic for interviews and Podcasting. And there’s a third input where you can attach your speaker or headphones to monitor the sound while recording.

It comes with a portable bag for its safe storage. Four windscreens are provided to eliminate undesired wind-noise as well. Overall, It is a proficient piece, however, the only slight inconvenience that Apple users may face is to connect it with a lightning connector. First, fitting the device to work, and second, it’s decent-sized cord is not long enough for a larger distance. As a result, you’ll need an extension cable.

My final verdict is that if you are looking for a highly affordable and easy-to-use microphone giving a promising quality of sound with an additional mic, MOVO lavalier mic is your go-to product.

Customer reviews

I recommend you the Movo Professional lavalier mic instantly because its quality and features are promising under such an affordable price. This device covers all the needs of a professional Mic. At such a low price, I, and many other customers have enjoyed an additional Mic for interview or podcast for free, and with an additional speaker input to monitor the recordings accordingly.

This microphone is compatible with all the devices, like Apple, Android, Samsung, and Windows, and has an amazing sound quality. 65% of the consumers gave it a 5-star review on Amazon, which is a decent percentage for any product available on online markets.

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