We are cautious when it comes to buying a fragrance that includes chemicals. Indeed, most of the air fresheners you use in your cars and homes come with toxic chemicals. These chemicals are really bad for your health and immune system. So sooner or later, you’ll tend to choose such a product which naturally eliminates the bad smell. What about using an air purifier bag to eliminate odor? Do these activated charcoal air purifier bags work effectively? If so, how?

Here is your answer to “Do charcoal air purifier bags work or not?”.

A simple and sweet answer is YES, THEY DO. They actually work ingenuously.

Activated charcoal is the charcoal which is processed chemically. This certain chemical process makes it more odor-absorptive.

Activated charcoal has the same odor absorption abilities as Bamboo charcoal. Both work as neutralizing bad odor. They have enough pores to infuse oxygen with bad smell or moisture. Mostly, they are available in small bags now for easy use.

More they infuse oxygen, the more porous they become and get a larger surface area. Using a bamboo charcoal bag is the best way to eliminate bad odors. They are affordable and super light to carry anywhere.

Infinit USA Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Infinit USA is another popular brand for making and selling the bamboo activated charcoal mini-bags. These mini air-purifying bags are as good as any strong scent you use in your car (actually without harmful chemicals). You can use them again and again in your house, pet areas, workplace, or even your cars.

Just charge them into the sunlight for two or three hours to activate charcoal before using it. And don’t forget to do this treatment at least once in a month to re-activate charcoal. It will be environment-friendly throughout its journey to at most two years. Just use this charcoal as a fertilizer for your garden plants after that.

This ability of bamboo activated charcoal is really impressive. I mean, look at it. This small bag will eliminate odor in the atmosphere for two years, will make your environment refreshing, and in the end, it will be used as a plants’ feed. This is charming.

On top of that, these bags are secure to use near children, pets, people with sensitive skin and respiratory issues, and women carrying babies. Because they are allergen- and chemicals-free. It is the best category of odor eliminators to get rid of bad fishy odor from anywhere you want.

In addition, Infinit USA odor remover bags come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Awesome! Just REMEMBER one thing. You have to put this bag into the sunlight after it has absorbed bad odor containing germs and gases. Don’t leave it overnight into the car. Once it’s out of the capacity, it will start reversing the action because it works as air passes through it. So please, be careful 🙂


  • Natural air-purifier without fragrances and chemicals
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Removes strong odor within a week
  • 100% refund guarantee


  • May not work well with smoke smell

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While there are many kinds of fragrances, most people look for simple odor removers that work naturally. This makes people think do charcoal air purifiers bags work against every kind of odor or is it just an alien thought? Well, these purifiers do work against every kind of smell and in return are harmless. These are the perfect options for a green environment and fresh air.

So now, you don’t have to be embarrassed by a fishy odor coming from your room, or a backseat littering smell, or when you come from gym with all the stinky odor, or even if you’re trying to hide your smoking habit, it tackles them all 😉