As your guide, it’s our responsibility to help you understand how to choose an electric bike that is more suitable to your needs. Electric bikes are different from normal (casual) bikes. That’s because the casual bikes demand effort with peddling while electric bikes come with electrical drive system. Electric bikes include electric motor, a powerful battery and a controller that helps to control the operations of the bike. Battery power ups the motor to achieve max speed and a wider range. We hope this article will help you know how to choose an electric bike according to your personality.

Electric bikes are becoming fastest growing section of bicycle industry. Comparatively, casual bikes sales chart is falling day by day. Riding an e-bike is easier to ride than riding casual bikes because they are effortless, powerful, support wide range and max speed, and are more convenient. Compared to the bikes using petrol, e-bikes require less maintenance.

It’s been 10 years that we’ve evolved in e-biking industry so much that it has become a need for some people. We can spend our leisure time commuting or use our e-bike for regular travels to work. It not only makes your travel easier, but is also a healthy way for transportation. That’s why we have gathered some important information that can help you know how to choose an electric bike and which factor is the one you’ll be focusing on. Let’s start.

Features that help to know how to choose an electric bike

There are some important points that you must bear in mind while choosing an electric bike:

  • Frames
  • Wheel size
  • Weight
  • Battery VS Motor in riding range
  • Motor position
  • Torque capacity


Usually, 3 kinds of material are being used in e-bikes frames.

The Steel Frame: this material is used for making hiking and mountain bikes as they are flexible and shock resistant. Using some techniques, manufacturers are finally able to create lightweight steel frames that support hill climbing.

A young man ready to ride his electric bike

The Aluminium Frame: this material is widely used in bike frames. It is lightweight and rust-resistant. But still it is much less flexible and less shock-resistant than steel frame.

The Carbon Frame: it is more expensive and lighter than the other materials. It’s usually used for the racing bikes where keeping the bike light is essential. Otherwise, it is too flexible sometimes.

Before choosing an e bike, you might consider the above-mentioned tips again. Your e-bike should feel like it is made for you. So, it’s better to analyse what frame suits your weight and height, and how much power and assistance you want from your bike.

Wheel size

You can find e-bikes in various number of wheel sizes depending on the power of motor. Most e-bikes have small wheels to keep their folded size small. The bigger the wheels, the larger it will surround the place. On the other hand, the smaller wheels will not be able to catch up the speed that the bikes with bigger wheels provide. For this reason, you might want a more powerful motor to support that cause.

16”, 18”, 20”, and 24” are common wheel sizes that are used in e bikes. Take your time to think carefully which size of wheels you want in your e-bike according to your height..


An average electric bike weighs between 9kg to 30kg. The heavier the bike, the more battery it will consume. Taking in account your own weight combined with the weight of the bike, it should be clear how much heavy bike you should ride on mountainous areas and steep hills. Provided the extra power, like electric assistance and a good torque, you might want to try an averagely heavy bike.

Lightweight e-bikes are expensive as they provide the necessary specs with quality material together with keeping the bike light and portable. So, you might consider it seriously if you’re a mountain rider.

Battery VS Motor in Riding Range

Battery life is an important consideration. While you need a good battery to take you farther, a good motor will help you achieve maximum speed. By comparing the two, the relation between a powerful motor and a battery life usage is directly proportional. The more powerful a motor is, the more battery it will consume. Though manufacturers have been working hard to upgrade and enhance the batteries, this fact still remains there. Because everyone wants a better ranging e-bike with a long-lasting battery, we have to see in depth of it.

The reason that an electric bike is successful in maintaining its range and battery life together is this: having a bigger battery helps a lot. If you buy an e bike with 500 Watt powerful motor and a 500 Watt hours (Wh) battery, it will soon drain all power. But if you choose wisely, a 250W-350W motor paired with 500 Wh battery will run longer.

Some manufacturers offer two batteries with one bike that will help you cover a long distance while commuting. You can either take the two charged batteries or you can take your charger with you. Larger batteries will take more time charging than the standard batteries that take 3 to 5 hours.

Batteries that are integrated are safer, and usually are waterproof. It will help you run your bike in watery terrains. They can be easily charged like other batteries that are mounted externally.

The way you take care of battery will also affect its working life. If you keep it protected, you will keep it longer, depending on the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Motor position

Usually two kinds of motor positions are preferable in e bikes. Hub-motor and Mid-drive motor.

Mid-drive motor is located at the bottom where the crank arms meet the bike’s frame. It is positioned centrally, inside the chain wheel. Many manufacturers do this on purpose. The pedal assist works naturally with the motor that keeps the ride steady and balanced.

Hub motor is positioned inside the hub of the rear wheel or the front wheel in some cases. When you use motor power, the motor sends the pedal power directly to the rear wheel, making you feel pushed by it.

Close up of electric bike's motor in the rear wheel

Though hub-motors are silent and more preferable than mid-drive bikes, note that changing the tire on which the hub-motor is positioned is more complex than changing the tire of a mid-drive (standard) e-bike.

Torque capacity

You must know you need an electric bike that supports a fine amount of torque if you like to go up hills. Measuring in Newton meters (Nm), a good torque measurement that is able to climb steep hills is 60-70 Nm. While some riders want to go up hills normally, some want to climb faster and quicker. To achieve this cause, one needs a powerful motor to support that speed and an excellent torque to climb up and down the steep hills without much effort. If you’re a person who likes to ride on hills, you must consider this spec.

Types of electric bikes

When it comes to buy an e-bike, there are two things that come first in mind: price and style. These factors help you to find the best e-bike according to your requirements. By keeping in mind your budget and the style you want, you might want to know what types of electric bikes there are to choose from. E-bikes are divided into some following categories:

Electric mountain bikes

A young man wearing safety kit standing with his mountain bike

These bikes are great for riding trails. Electric mountain bikes, on the lower end of price range, can make best e-bikes for a person who travels some distance for work on regular basis. These bikes are built on high standards and designed to survive for years. If you are adventure lover and actually want to jump your e-bike and do some kind of serious downhill biking, this type of bike is the best choice for you.

Electric cargo bikes

Cargo electric bike with a transportation bucket on the front

These bikes are like minivans that are designed to carry things. These are not sports e-bike and much good in appearance but actually very useful. Electric cargo bikes are designed to haul a favourable amount of load. Front loader of these bikes, like Yuba supermarche, have large front bucket and covered pods that have best hauling capacity. These bikes also offer a number of different cargo accessories like bags, racks, and child carriers. They are capable of carrying 3 kids at a time to a hill.

Electric Folding bikes

Electric Folding Bike shown in folded structure

It is the most popular category in e-bikes because of their extreme portability. If you want to take your e-bike with you in car or trunk or plan to carry it into a bus or train, then folding e-bike is the best option for you. There is much variety in folding e-bikes that can be reviewed while buying an e-bike.

Electric fat-tire bikes

electric fat-tire bike

In my humble opinion, it is the most fun category of e-bikes. These bikes have large fat tires that help e-bikes ride up and over on any rough surface. They can be ridden on street or sidewalks. Electric fat-tire bikes used to be a small niche, but now there are many companies offering competing models.

Electric cruiser bikes

white and black electric cruiser bike

These bikes are all about comfort and style that are designed for well cruising. They have wide seats and high-quality handlebars that give the rider a feeling of stylish and comfortable ride. These e-bikes are usually better to go for a park trail or mud terrains. They are low-impact and low-speed bikes that are good for paved and dirt paths.


After reading that article on how to choose an electric bike, you must be clear now that there are a few factors that you must know before you shop online. we have tried our best to update you about everything that is important in this regard. In the end, it’s you who knows which type of electric bike you want and how much cost your pocket can allow you to spend. We hope you found this article helpful. However, if there’s anything else to want to know, just comment below and we will be right back to you.

Have a nice time biking 🙂