Before you try on buying an electric skateboard, you must know how to choose an electric skateboard according to your ease and personality. Skateboards have been used for decades, so, it’s easy to consider that riding a skateboard is similar to riding a longboard. But there’s a little difference between these two boards regarding the shape and cruising ability. In electric skateboard, a person has handheld remote to control the skateboard. The interesting thing is that when its battery runs out, it turns into a normal skateboard. So let’s find out how to choose an electric skateboard that suits you.

For the beginners who don’t know how to ride an electric skateboard, they need to be careful while riding an electric skateboard that runs at a speed of 25+ mph. Electric skateboard can be dangerous if you’re not used to it. These things can go to high-speed making them difficult to handle sometimes. That’s why, it’s wise to choose an electric skateboard that’s not much pricey and its speed is controllable. Below are some keen aspects that you must know before buying an electric skateboard.

Things that will help you know how to choose an electric skateboard

Defining your budget

If you want to avoid the regret of buying your electric skateboard, then you must bear your budget in your mind. To ensure that you get a right electric skateboard, keep your budget in mind before making a move. This is the most crucial step before buying.

Once you determine that how much amount you are willing to spend, then it’s about finding a model that suits your requirements while still being in your budget range.

It should be noted that the price of an electric skateboard is entirely dependent on what it offers. So search more, you’ll soon discover that electric skateboards with higher speeds and ranges generally cost higher. Many boosted boards with high quality deck and specs cost over $2000. But still there are some electric skateboards that are quite brilliant while being affordable. At the end, it all depends on how much you can spend according to your desire.

Your Destination

Another thing to consider is the purpose for which you want to purchase an E-Board. Do you want it for long distance smooth cruising, or want to ride on steep hills and mountainous area? Well, this is easy to evaluate.

Because if you want to hang out on rough terrains, then you might need electric skateboard with bigger rubber wheels and powerful motor. In addition, if you go out on a cruise with watery area, you might want to use a waterproof deck to avoid any kind of malfunction.

Weight and Length

Further, you must acknowledge the length and weight of an electronic skateboard to avoid any interruptions in your cruise. Heavier the board, the more power it consumes. You might end up carrying it home.

Usually Lighter e-skateboards do not have many features and flexibility. So, if you ride an e-board for short distance and want to travel in public transports and carry it, only then choose a light weight and under sized electric skateboard. Otherwise, going with much power and high-speed is another level of having fun.

What’s the Capacity of your board?

For this feature to consider, you should know your weight. This will help you choose an electric skateboard that is able to bear your weight while keeping up with speed and range.

Capacity of an electric skateboard is an important feature that is usually overlooked. It is about the amount of weight that it can support to take you farther. If you are substantially a weighted person, make sure you purchase an electric skateboard that can bear your weight.

Battery Power

An e-skateboard battery can last around 1 to 3 years if you take care of it properly. If the board and the battery are maintained properly, then a standard Li-Ion battery will work for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its limit according to International Standard to rating cycle life. That means if you use your electric skateboard daily, the battery will last for roughly 1-3 years. So search for the specs that your chosen e-skateboard provides thoroughly.

But bear in mind, if your board has as larger battery as 100+ WH (Watt hours), then you might not be able to take them on airlines. It is because the FDA prohibits the air travelling of batteries more than 160 WH.

Speed and Maximum Range

Achieving the maximum speed is the one factor that almost every electric skateboard has. But some boards have to sacrifice the stability for increasing the top speed. That’s why you must look for a board that comes with a flexible deck and strong wheels to reduce the instability during high-speed cruise.

Similarly, you can acquire maximum range when your e-board supports a strong battery. The bigger the battery, the larger the distance you can cover. This feature is especially important to commuters who use their boards on a daily basis. If you’re one of them, then you might find an electric board that comes with larger battery pack.

Which drive train does it support?

This feature will help you know which motor you should prefer in your electric skateboard. Mainly, three types of motors are used in all electric skateboards: hub motors, belt-driven motors, and direct driven motors. A good motor will definitely guarantee the top speed.

Belt-driven motors are powerful, and support extreme friction and torque. They can help you achieve the maximum speed. But these motors are much noisy too. Also, some boards come with kick-start feature but this type of motor can’t allow you to do that.

Hub motors are quieter than the belt-driven motors, but they are less powerful and provide less torque. On the other hand, belt driven motors can be customized, while hub motors can’t.

Direct driven motor system is still new. The e-boards supporting this type of motor drive close to the ground. Thus, it can be trouble-making if debris is kicked-up to the enclosed skating system.

How is the Customer Service?

Because you ride your board on different terrains, you get wear-and-tear too. So, you’ll eventually need the customer service to update your board time to time. A good and responsible customer support team is an important thing to mention. You might find out on the respective website through customers’ reviews that how is their customer service and how fast they can provide you with backup. A poor customer service will make you annoying every time.

This is it guys. If you want to know anything else, just leave your query in the comment section. We will try our best to help you know how to choose an electric skateboard by putting ourselves in your shoes.

Happy skating 🙂