If you are obsessed with skateboarding, how you maintain your skateboard will affect your overall skating experience a lot. The accumulation of salt, grit, and dust are all hurdles in your way of showing off some classic moves. There is no way you can enjoy skating with dirty skate bearings. It can seize the wheels and also decrease the speed. Don’t worry, we have got you covered if you have no idea how to get it done. The steps to “how to clean your skateboard bearings and get them back in the form” are listed below.

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Remove the bearings and shields

a tech person cleaning and assembling the bearings on a table with wrench and wheels

First and foremost, take a socket wrench, skate tool or a ratchet and take all the skate bearings out. Make sure to separate them off the wheels as well. After doing that, you need to remove the shields of the bearings as well using a sharp blade or tool and ultimately open the bearings.


Try to first wipe all the dust and dirt with a wipe or a towel gently. After doing that, you have to use a mild grease removing the solvent, methylated spirit, acetone, or some alcohol product and soak them in it for a few minutes.

a young boy cleaning the skateboard bearings

You can cover the lid of the container you soaked them in for better and faster results. After taking them out of the solution and clean them for a final time with the solvent. Finally, You need to dry them up using a basic hairdryer.

Greasing and lubrication

To control friction, you need to grease the bearings a little with some grease. Even bike or marine grease will work fine. You have to lubricate the bearings and shields but don’t overfill them with grease leaking out. Less is more, lubricate them just enough to keep functioning fine.

greasing the bearing

Spread the grease throughout the bearings evenly. Avoid using oils. They cause more damage than good in the long run. Several lubricants are also available if you prefer them over grease; you can try them. Grease is long-lasting as well in comparison with oil.

Reassembling the bearings

After greasing, seal the shields back on the bearings. Insert the bearings back onto the wheels, leaving no gaps. Screw them back properly onto the skateboard, and you are good to go.

fixing a cleaned bearing with wrench

Now you are ready to hit back on the roads with your skateboard. A little tip to keep in mind while cleaning is not to use strong solvents and to avoid oils while greasing.

Oils can excessively fasten the speed of your skateboard but can cause more damage if dirt sticks in. Grease might slow down your skateboard a little but is very beneficial and lasting in the long run.

a man holding his skateboard with confident

Clean your skateboard bearings at least once a month if you are a regular skater and even more if you live in a coastal state and are often exposed to cold and wet conditions on the road.

Have a great trip skating 🙂