If you’re looking for some brain teasers and IQ developing toys for kids under $5, then go nowhere. We are providing a review on this 7-piece Puzzle for kids, which is included in the best IQ developing toys for kids under $5 only. Going to schools and learning different subjects like Science and Arts is a compulsory educational criterion for kids. But playing games that are essential in developing brain integrity are also important for young brains to grow. This 7-piece puzzle Tangram is made for kids of all ages to challenge their perception ability and enhance their problem-solving skills and creativity.

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An overview

This square wooden Tangram is a brain teaser for all kids and old. It enhances teamwork and visual perception skills as well as bringing a great fun time. Children can create beautiful geometric images out of pure intelligent visual skills. Be it a house or a sailboat, a rabbit or a cat, or ride on a camel or a car, it all depends on how vast you can think and how bigger is your IQ. This puzzle is helpful in teaching the kids the basics of geometry. They will learn about angles, sides, different shapes like square, triangle, circle, rectangle, quadrilateral, rhombus, etc.

You can play this alone or can challenge your friends to create something astounding with these 7 pieces of colored wooden blocks. You can purchase it for yourself or you can gift it to some dear one. It makes a perfect IQ enhancing gift under just $5.


Ordering this puzzle game, you will get a 30-gram multicolor wooden Tangram that is 11.5 x 11.5 x 0.7 cm. It’s specially made for kids aged between 2 and 20. Older are also welcome to enjoy the creativeness of this puzzle under just $5. Let’s challenge.

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