If you are looking for some fine and cool designs of skins for electric skateboards that you own, then WELCOME TO OUR PAGE. Skateboarding is a real fun to have when you are feeling down or bored, and a great way to cruise and commute easily. More powerful and firm the skateboard, more rough and tough you can go with it. But if you had to say “oh no, I ruined the deck” after a few extreme cruising tours, then it seems you were forgetful about its deck protection.

We are giving you some cool choices to make among different beautiful skins for electric skateboards– whether they are regular or electric– trust me, you need this. Wraps and skins for electric skateboards not only provide safety and protection but also, they give your skateboard an upgraded beautiful look.

They don’t cost much but they are long-lasting, effective pieces of accessories that you might need. Everything is upgraded with the passage of time, then why not your board too?? 😉

In the following, you are about to review some nice, soft and long-lasting skins for electric skateboards, regular skateboards and hoverboards that we have opted for you. Stay tuned 🙂

Skins for Electric  and Regular Skateboards

MightySkins’ Skin compatible with BLITZART Tornado 38” and BLITZART Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard

MightySkins presents this beautiful collection of skins that are compatible with 38” BLITZART Tornado and Huracane, and the skateboards which are similar to these boards.

This skin is made with soft vinyl which is meant to protect your board with dust, scratches, dings and wear-and-tear of the everyday cruise. They are ultra-thin, durable, stain-resistant laminates that provide effective finishing.

They are easy to apply, long-lasting due to the air-releasing low-grip adhesive and easy to remove leaving no sticky residue behind. Many people are fascinated with alluring 3D printed designs they come with. There are a lot of these designs of your choice, only a few of them can be listed. So let’s dive into the styles and designs of these skins.

If you don’t own a Huracane, why not try one?

Wild Jungle: Skin compatible with BLITZART Tornado 38”    Buy Now
Unicorn Dream: Skin compatible with BLITZART Huracane 38”Buy Now
Steam Punk Room: Skin compatible with BLITZART Huracane 38”Buy Now
Weed: Skin compatible with BLITZART Huracane 38”Buy Now
Checkboard: Skin compatible with BLITZART Huracane 38”Buy Now


MightySkins’ Skin compatible with Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

These skins have the same properties as stated above. But they are compatible with the electric skateboard Inboard M1 only and the ones which are exactly similar to Inboard M1. With these unique styles, you can upgrade the look of your skateboard whenever you want. Some of the cool designs are gathered below.

Rasta Flag    Buy Now
Island Vibes    Buy Now
Pink Camo    Buy Now
Red Camo    Buy Now
Retro Gamer 3    Buy Now
Groovy 60s    Buy Now
HTC Green    Buy Now
Rift    Buy Now
Tropics    Buy Now


MightySkins’ Skin compatible with Penny Nickel 22”and 27” Skateboards

These skins are made up of 3M automotive-grade vinyl that are not only aesthetic, but also durable and protective towards your board during your adventures. These are compatible with Penny Nickel original 22” skateboard and larger 27” skateboard. So, Lets go through their unique styles.

If you’re not satisfied with the designs given below, just click on any image to see more good choices. I’m sure you’ll find THE One 😉

  Cotton Candy for 27” board    Buy Now
  Purple Diamond for 27” board    Buy Now
 Hot Flames for 27” board    Buy Now
 Black Argyle for 22” board    Buy Now
 Dragon Rocker for 27” board    Buy Now
 Firefighter for 27” board    Buy Now




Skins for Hoverboards

Now we talk about some grooming of your self-balancing electric scootor/hoverboard. Of course you want your hoverboard to feel more attractive and protective under your feet, then why not try a skin for it? It is an essential step taken towards the protection and upgrade of your ownings, whether they are mobile phones, laptops, cars, water bottles, skateboards or hoverboards, they all need protection to stay with you longer. Everything from small to large. If you are a keen person, then surely you want to try this. In the following, we are going to exhibit some beautiful skins for hoverboards manufactured by different companies—of course the good ones will be listed—from where you can choose the suitable skins for your self-balanced hoverboards. Why not do some protection work towards the one who does all the work for you? 😊  

FBSPORT 6.5inches Silicone Scratch Protector Cover for Hoverboards

This one is specially designed for 6.5” Smart self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard and the hoverboards of similar type. It is made up of good-grade silicone and is meant to protect your board from scratches, water splashes along with giving a beautiful aesthetic look. It comes with 16 different colors and designs, so just hover overall options for the selection of your taste. Make sure that this skin is suitable for 6.5” wheels classic scooter only such as GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO, MegaWheels etc and DOES NOT adjust well with Swagtron T1, T3, T58, VEEKO Scooter and the similar ones. It is great to be well informed that this skin will fit for the above hoverboard only, which means all the button holes access will be perfect. But don’t worry, there are others coming too😉 


Buy Now  

GameXcel Protective Cover Vinyl Case for Swagtron T5

Now, this skin for hoverboard is made with superior 3M vinyl and the designs are printed with premium HP ECO solvent inks. It comes with 8 unique styles. It is easy to apply and remove because of the fine non-sticky adhesive. Though it is fit just for Swagtron T5, some customers have complained of not adjusting this skin on T5 either. Click on the button below to get more information out of it that which hoverboard versions you should try this on. 


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MightySkins’ Skin compatible with Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Scooter

MightySkins manufacture the skins which are durable, stain-resistant vinyl decals for your hoverboards and skateboards. But not al the skins are fit for every board. So you just need to dig in more to find out the more suitable skin for the version of your hoverboard. Hey, it’s okay. There are hundreds of them. Just keep looking 😊 This skin for hoverboard/ self-balancing scooter comes with 14 different styles. Just click on the button below to see all the bright choices. 


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MightySkins’ Skin compatible with Self-Balancing Mini Scooter Hoverboard

Again, MightySkins have made these skins for Mini scooter hoverboard only to protect your board from stains, scratches, water splashes and dust wrinkles. So, feel awesome and show off your upgraded board with these pretty skins. There are hundreds of choices to make from these beautiful skins. I’m sure you’re going to confuse which one to try 😉 


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Henfar 9” x 33” Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Fit for all Skateboards

And last but not the least, we have gathered some information about the skateboard grip tapes, just in case you might want to upgrade your skateboard with a beautiful, more protective and durable skin under less price. Its super sticky grip tape with back glue which is easy to adhere and is made up with high-density sand particles to provide more grip on and off all terrains. It’s easy to use and long-lasting anti-slip tape with a lot of choices of beautiful unique designs. The designs are printed on the front side which is made with emery and the backside is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride. Just click on the button below to go through all the choices they want to offer you.


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Have a good time skating 🙂